We'd like to do your radio advertising.
Here are our qualifications:

1. We make the world's best
radio commercials

2. You can afford us.

Why advertise on the radio in the first place?

Because radio gets results. Some people never watch TV. Others hit the mute button for commercials. Others record their favorite programs, then fast-forward through the ads. Some people don't read newspapers. Others avoid newspaper ads. But radio and radio commercials reach almost everybody - an astounding 95 percent of all consumers. People listen at home, at work and in their cars. Whatever market you're in, you can increase your share of it dramatically through good radio commercials. Or, with bad radio commercials, you can just make people mad.

Wah, Jepson & Doodoo with their 2002 ADDY awards

Why use Doodoo, Jepson & Wah in the second place?

Glad you asked. Doodoo, Jepson & Wah is the advertising arm of Doodoo Wah, a humorous folk duet from the Gold Rush hills of California. For more than 10 years we have been making radio commercials that people actually enjoy listening to. We win awards, and our clients win new business. Our work is original, intelligent, informative and musically alluring. And we use humor far more effectively than it is normally used - by keeping it in the background. We don't want to leave people just remembering the tune or this or that lyric, joke or skit; we want them remembering you, and maybe your phone number. When you have a commercial people like, they listen more closely every time they hear it. If someone else is with them, they ask that person to shut up and listen. Word gets around. Your business, in effect, has a hit. We'll make you that hit.

Your ads are a reflection of your business.

You want commercials that people will enjoy. You want intelligent, entertaining, informative radio ads. And the best place to get them is from Doodoo, Jepson & Wah. All we do is radio commercials - better than anyone else.

Ever wonder why so many
radio commercials are so


Sometimes it's because they're humorless diatribes. Somebody screaming at you to check out this week's specials, but HURRY because at only $1.27 over factory invoice these prices can't last forever so get on in here today! Blah blah blah for only blah blah blah, and blah blah blah for the INCREDIBLY low price of only blah blah blah! Sometimes it's because a commercial tries to be funny and falls flat. It's another banal audio skit, probably a conversation between a dumb husband and his smart wife. And sometimes it's because the ad features music so lacking in style, so typically commercial, that you tune it out mentally or turn it off physically. For your own radio advertising, go for quality. Go for commercials that inform, entertain and sell.

Go to Doodoo, Jepson & Wah, where all we do is radio advertising. Better than anybody else.

P.O.Box 1500 Columbia CA 95310
Talk 209-533-4464 - Fax 209-588-0861 - E-Mail djw@doodoowah.com

If you have RealAudio, you can Download Sierra Veterinary Care, our ADDY award winning commercial.
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Doodoo Wah specializes in local radio commercials, and they are simply the best in the business -- original, musical, witty, endearing and specific to your business.

Doodoo Wah writes them, produces them, records them and supplies you with a CD or DAT to take to your radio station.

Doodoo Wah has produced over a dozen one-minute commercials, and doesn't crank them out according to some formula. Each is unique -- its own tune, its own feel, its own personality.

What these commercials have in common is quality. Doodoo Wah has gathered several awards for their jingle work, including best in radio from the East Bay Advertising Club, and best local 60-second spot from the American Advertising Federation.

These are commercials that people actually enjoy listening to. Radio stations have told us they get requests for them. Clients have told us they program them into their telephone systems to make them the "on-hold" message, and that callers have asked to be put back on hold.

WHAT YOU PAY FOR: Writing, arranging, playing and recording, two DATs (digital audio tapes) or CDs and three cassette copies. All studio time, engineering and media is included in the cost. Take a DAT or CD, not a cassette, to the radio station.

REPRODUCTION RIGHTS: We retain copyrights for all our material. You are licensed to use your commercial, or any derivative of it, forever. You may NOT transfer that license to any other business. Basically, this means you can use the commercial forever but you cannot sell it. (However, if you sell your business, the new owner inherits the commercial under the same conditions.)

GUARANTEES: We guarantee originality, humor, professional quality and technical standards that meet or exceed those of your radio station. All of our commercials are produced digitally in our own recording studio.

INTERESTED? Get in touch via e-mail by clicking here. We'll tell you everything you want to know, and we'll send you samples of our work along with references from our clients.

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