Santa Dave will travel to your home or event venue, make a grand entrance, gather the kids (and adults) around the tree, pull a guitar out of his sack and get everyone to sing Christmas carols. Then take each kid on his lap, assure them that they are not on the naughty list, find out what they want for Christmas and pose for photos. When all done, he will exit with a resounding "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

To calculate what it will cost for this spectacular memory, just multiply $100 times the number of hours you will need him (1 hour minimum). Then find out how many miles the party is from Courtland, CA 95615 (Google Maps) and add $2 per mile ($1 per mile roundtrip).

For example: A 1 hour appearance in Roseville, CA (45 miles away) would cost $190. A tip is not necessary, or expected, but would be greatly appreciated.

Give Santa Dave a call: (916) 756-0749 home or (916) 813-5789 cell.