March 4, 2011, BREAKING NEWS:  

COLUMBIA, CA -- Charlie Sheen, the highest paid actor on television until his involvement with women lured him into dangerous, distasteful, shameful and politically incorrect behavior that got him fired, has been unanimously selected as the Men's Crisis Center's Man of the Year for 2011.

"We don't normally name our Man of the Year until the year is out," said Men's Crisis Center co-founder and Grand Poo-Bah Ron DeLacy, "but nobody is going to beat this guy out. Nobody."

DeLacy said Sheen's nomination was entered today (Friday, March 4) by Miles Osmun, an MCC charter member from Windsor, Calif. The proposed selection was immediately seconded by DeLacy and thirded by MCC Secretary of Offense Maria Camillo of Columbia.

The award is given annually, except when the Men's Crisis Center forgets, to male victims of sexual aggression or men who get in trouble for being men. Past winners include Tiger Woods, former President Bill Clinton, former Oregon Sen. Robert Packwood and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The Men's Crisis Center, founded in 1986, has unofficial chapters throughout the world in bars, saloons and anywhere else where men gather irregularly for poker games, cigar smoking, alcohol therapy, watching football on television, and various other celebrations of maleness.




Welcome to our shelter, Men. Welcome to a sanctuary where it's OK to be male. Where there are no doilies, no place mats. Welcome to a world where the cigar is the official smoke.

Welcome to where nobody's gonna bitchatcha. Where you can sit on your fat fanny and watch football on television as much as you like. Or drink beer, swear, fart, tell dirty jokes.

Welcome to a place where you don't have to be ashamed to admit that you're a man, gosh darn it, and you need some alcohol therapy.

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The Men's Crisis Center as conceived in 1987 by Doodoo Wah's Ron DeLacy and the late Jim Evans. It has never amounted to much, and it identifies with men in the same position.

We think men need to quit apologizing for being men. There are things about us that, OK, we aren't none of us is perfect, but that's the way the cookie bounces and there's no use crying under the bridge.

So come on in, Men.

And you women, get on out of here. You just keep on surfin' somewhere else. Or better yet, get on back there into the kitchen.

OK, they're gone, Boys. Go ahead and rest easy now. Everything's going to be OK. We understand. And don't you worry -- if the little woman comes lookin', we'll tell her you ain't here.

Then again, actually, there isn't any "here." The Men's Crisis Center is wherever you want it to be. If you find a hideaway that seems to work, you can simply declare it the Men's Crisis Center.


Q: OK, OK, you sleazebags, what are you trying to sell?

A: T-Shirts. Really nice ones, and they never need washing. Want one? Click here.


The Men's Crisis Center shall be forever dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal and not as bad as the feminist man-bashers think, and we should hang together, so to speak, and we shall endeavor to pursue happiness and lightenment, and we shall do whatever else we want to as long as we aren't hurting nobody but ourselves, and besides, we like cigars.



Well, there's one in Columbia, California, and another one in Twain Harte, California, up at Ed's, and one more in Juneau, Alaska. And if you want to start another one, go for it. Just let us know, so we can get the paperwork ready and teach you The Official Secret Men's Crisis Center Handshake.


To hear the Men's Crisis Center song, our official anthem, click here.

And/or, to check out all of Doodoo Wah's tasteless musical repertoire, along with our inventory of other products, including the handsome, dashing, coward-yellow Men's Crisis Center T-shirts, click here.



Here at the Men's Crisis Center we don't claim to have a monopoly, nor even a grip, on just about anything.

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1. Stand erect, legs comfortably bent, arms hanging at your side.

2. Lift right hand to chest level and cup fingers, as though holding a skinny beer can.

3. Keeping elbow in place, raise hand 2 inches, then lower it back to belly level.

4. Repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat.

About 20 years ago, our chapter in Juneau Alaska adopted a section of highway for cleanup. Two decades later, like in 2008, some women noticed the highway sign, found out a little about us, and got all huffy. They implored state highway authorities to kick our boys out of the program. Nope, ruled the state, they couldn't do that. To read the state's decision (on none other than Sarah Palin's stationery) and to find out what in the world the Ku Klux Klan ever did that might have helped the Men's Crisis Center, click here .




That's Judge Jim, our Alaska chapter coordinator, in the lower left. And in the lower right that there is Peter Wernick, a world class banjo player. At upper left is author Mark Osmun. We ain't naming everybody.



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